Potentially "Flawless"

Through the aestheticization of daily scrolling and screen absorption, eight invited artists interpret data collection and online/offline navigation as a means of sociocultural critique. To these artists, the many forms of internet ads, clickbait, tutorials and spam e-mails are considered through a new lens. By adopting a mixed media approach, the digital dialogue expands into a variety of surfaces; painting, moving image and jacquard weaving.

The three day exhibition aims to create an IRL user interface, a tangible ad-block that replaces aimless consumption and dubious content with a new, whorthwile file of images. Conscious or often unsolicited mass media consumption is unscrambled in order to decipher codes, confronting the persuasive and individually targeted experience of our personal browsers. Potentially “Flawless” artists assert space by subverting the seductive, fantastical, “fresh and sexy” aesthetic of personalized advertising.


Tessar Lo
Tabita Rezaire
Sophia Borowska
Sylvia Limbana
Jennifer Chan
Aaron Chan
Yulan Grant
Isaac Kariuki

Structure design by Tau Lewis

Curated by Nafisa Kaptownwala and Sara Graorac

Spring 2017