Nice Pile of Bricks

Nice Pile of Bricks is an exhibition exploring the cross-section of absurdity and the banal. A collection of artists working across varying mediums and styles with the intention to challenge the viewer’s senses, playing with a mixture of individuals’ everyday experiences through art works that interrogate their interaction with common place objects.

Nice Pile of Bricks emphasizes works that vary in scale, texture and color, redetermining the audience’s perception of what is comfortable and familiar. As each artist reinstates images absorbed through pop culture, each projects themselves and their viewpoint of society through these representations. As capitalism and the media predetermines how many of us understand material objects, these artists insert their body as the work site to question how the individual determines the way the object is perceived.

While handling the perspective of 20 emerging Canadian artists’ lived experience, the exhibition aims to ignite a high sensory spectacle. Nice Pile of Bricks guides us through a spectrum that undulates through the deep web, our morning cup of coffee, and everything in between.


Alicia Mersy, Anika Ahuja, Brie Moreno, Claire Milbrath, Daniesha Nugent-Palache, Darby Milbrath, Juli Majer, Marlo Yarlo, Maya Beaudry, Melanie Thibodeau, Nadia Gohar, Nyssa Komorowski, Rebecca Storm, Richenda Grazette, Sanjit Dillion, Sara Graorac, Sarah Wong, Simone Blain, TALWST, Tau Lewis

Organized by: Nafisa Kaptownwala, Claire Milbrath and Sara Graorac